Photos - Party

New Year's Party 2011.01.21

It is common in Japan to have an end of the year party or a New Year’s party. Our Strategic Management class opted for efficiency and combined the two into a “Strategically Planned Party” in January. First we played a game of partner trivia, where each pair had to stand on a piece of newspaper. Every wrong answer meant your paper was folded in half but both partners still had to stand on it. The Champions had first choice of pizza! Later we celebrated the January Birthdays with cake and finished off the day with a game of “Who’s Touching You (on the arm)?”


What a great way to start 2011!


Welcome Party for 2010 Cohort 2010.11.28

The alumni network of Doshisha Business School, DBS Network (DBSN), held a welcome party for new cohorts.

Year End Party with GMBA students 2009.12.17

Gyoza (Chaozu), Chinese dumpling party at Prof. Hayashi's home 2009.5.31

The International Food Party for the class end and the International students was held at Prof. Hayashi's home on May.,31. We made Chaozu making skin of them and wrapping ordered by the Chinese Students. A student from Thailand made a soup called tom yam gong. Maya-san made a Japanese food as a representative of Japan. We enjoyed all of the International food. (Reported by Fukami) 



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