Photos - Miscellaneous

Today's scene at DBS 2010.4.21

Setsubun Event @Kindergarten 2010.02.02

Some of our students went to a kindergarten for the Setsubun event on February 2nd, 2010. They wore oni costumes and played with the children. After the Mame-maki (throwing beans), they had lunch with the children and talked about their hometowns, played some games, played the piano and so on. They had such a nice, special experience. A fun time was had by all!

GMBA students for the first year at DBS (2009.9.8)

After having lunch at a Japanese restaurant near the school, we visited the main campus of Doshisha University and the building named "Kanbai-kan" for the Business School of Doshisha University. The photos are introduction each other and discuss about many thing mainly about Japanese culture, Kyoto, about their countries come from, and the new course "Global MBA" which is going to be launched soon.

Activities at DBS for the Global MBA