Photos - Class/Seminar

Global Strategic Management Course 2011.01.25

Diversity Management Seminar 2010.12.14

Global Strategic Management Course 2010.08.10

These photos were taken during our Global Strategic Management course. At the end of the course, our students were asked to prepare cases on business or corporte strategies, and facilitate their own cases in the class.  In the Global Strategic Management course, our students analyze many business cases and enjoy heated discussions in the class.

Career Design Seminar 2010.11.06

Global MBA Launch Memorial Symposium 2009.11.14

Group Work, Class Presentation and Seminar 2009.10

Special Executive Seminar for HEC 2009.10.30

GMBA students for the first year at DBS (2009.9.8)

After having lunch at a Japanese restaurant near the school, we visited the main campus of Doshisha University and the building named "Kanbai-kan" for the Business School of Doshisha University. The photos are introduction each other and discuss about many thing mainly about Japanese culture, Kyoto, about their countries come from, and the new course "Global MBA" which is going to be launched soon.

Activities at DBS for the Global MBA

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