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Welcome party for new students of Japanese MBA course at DBS

DBS receives new funding from Mr. Nobuo Tateisi, Executive Advisor of OMRON 2010.3.27

We are very pleased to announce that Doshisha Business School (DBS) has received a very generous personal donation from Mr. Nobuo Tateisi, Executive Advisor at the OMRON Corporation. A ceremony was held on the morning of March 27th, 2010 to commemorate this great honour.

The ceremony was opened by Dr. Yuzo Murayama, Dean of DBS, who welcomed Mr. Tateisi and his fellow representatives from the OMRON Corporation. Mr. Tateisi, a graduate of Doshisha Junior High School and Doshisha University, recalled the great influence that his junior high school English teacher, Ms. Alice E. Gwinn, and his time at Doshisha University had made on his life and work as an international businessman.
Professor Minoru Oya, Chancellor of Doshisha University, then warmly thanked Mr. Tateisi and presented him with a certificate from Doshisha to express the university's sincere appreciation of his generosity. He described how the OMRON Corporation has long supported the university and Doshisha Business School.
Professor Murayama then introduced attending faculty members including Dr. Harukiyo Hasegawa, (Dean of the Global MBA Programme), Dr. Philippe Byosiere, Dr. Hiroshige Hayashi and Dr. Andrew Staples. He noted how this funding will assist in promoting DBS both internationally and within the local community. He outlined how receipt of this scholarship fund marks a major step in the history of Doshisha Business School and how DBS will be able to give back even more to the community in Kyoto as a well-recognised business school.
The fund shall be made available to international students in the form of a scholarship, to be known as the "Tateisi Nobuo Scholarship", for incoming GMBA and JMBA cohorts, thereby providing more excellent funding opportunities for international students to study at Doshisha Business School. Thanks to Mr. Tateisi‘s very kind donation, DBS looks forward to welcoming many more international students on its MBA programmes. For more detailed information on the Tateisi Nobuo Scholarship, please look here.

300 Chinese Students visit DBS for MBA lectures 2010.02.02 - 03

Over the two day period, February 2-3, as part of the Short Study Abroad Programme for Chinese International Students hosted with the support of the China-Japan Cultural Exchange Centre, Waseda Business School and Doshisha Business School, Chinese students from all over China (Fudan University, Jilin University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin University of Science and Technology [HUST] and the Northeast Normal University of China) attended lectures by professors from both the Global Studies Faculty and DBS.

Article on "Living at Doshisha" of Doshisha University website 2009.10.23

E. Barden Smedberg, Jr. Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Where is it possible to take MBA courses in English, Japanese and Chinese? Welcome to the Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan!

Business is global and this is a key reason I choose to study abroad for my MBA.

Having been assigned to Japan with a Fortune 500 consulting firm and conducting business in Singapore, China, and the Philippines I knew I would like to continue to work between Asia and the United States. While earning an MBA I simultaneously would like to improve my Japanese business language skills, especially business writing (Kanji).

These are some reasons I choose to do an MBA at Japan's 2nd oldest University, Doshisha.

My focus of study is on Comparative Management between Japanese and USA/European companies. I will take classes and perform research, hoping to publish, on this topic.

During my first month at DBS (Doshisha Business School) I have enjoyed interacting with classmates from Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Qatar and the United States.

Attached find a picture from a DBS student baseball game held on the grounds of the former Imperial Palace, which is a 15 minute walk from DBS. If you choose to study at Doshisha you will be surrounded by the beautiful culture of Japan and intelligent students from around the world. Welcome to Doshisha Business School!


Best Regards,
E. Barden Smedberg, Jr.
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Beer Game 2009.11.26

These photos show our first Beer Game ever played with the GMBA students who enrolled in the class of Business System Dynamics, Fall 2009,  by Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi.


It is a role-play game based on the structure of supply-chain management, 

and widely played among business people and students  worldwide as an introduction to systems thinking and dynamics.